“Erin Cornick is truly a bright light! I like the way working with her makes me feel like I’m part of a team. She always motivates me and helps me to shift my perspective to a more positive one. I love her honesty, her sense of humor, her great ideas, and the fact that she really cares about and believes in me. I feel very blessed that I get to work with her on a regular basis. Thanks so much Erin!”

-Abigail McCartney

“Girls camp that was offered this summer was such a great experience for my daughter! Erin and Britney are positive role models that taught the girls to remain true to themselves during a sometimes tough stage of adolescence. My daughter gained such confidence!”

-Melissa H.

“Highly recommended! I love that they teach mindfulness and encourage the girls to be the best version of themselves.”

Courtney K.

“Beautiful inside and out! My daughter just adored the class. Takes a village...”

-Melissa M.

“My daughter was able to attend the 3 day camp for 6-8 year olds earlier this month! She loved going everyday and has been using her deep breathing to help calm her down when she gets frustrated with her sisters. We are looking forward to future classes with Girls Empowered, my oldest is signed up for the September classes.”

-Larissa F.

“As the photographer for the girls camp, I was lucky enough to witness the girls interact with the instructors and with each other. Each of the girls came in a little hesitant at first, but immediately warmed up to Brittany and Erin. Both Brittany and Erin were so welcoming and I could feel the warm, loving energy immediately put each girl at ease. The subject matter was inspiring and encouraging. Each participant went through several exercises including use of breath, movement (yoga), and art. Self love and confidence was the constant theme. It was fun to see how the girls made connections and friendships over the course of the camp! It was obvious to me that each girl walked away truly feeling empowered with a new skill set and most importantly a super positive connection to new friends and excellent role models in Erin and Brittany.”

-Katie Jennings

“My daughter joined the Girls Empowerment camp this past month and truly enjoyed it! Erin and Brittany were wonderful teachers. She learned to be mindful and listen to her body, be kind to herself so she can be kind to others. She uses the breathing techniques to calm herself when she’s frustrated and to help her fall asleep. She loved the arts & crafts and yoga too! She’s looking forward to going back again in the future. Thank you Erin and Brittany for this invaluable experience.


“These classes are excellent and developmentally appropriate. They foster positive and healthy attitudes and relationships towards self and others. Erin Cornick is an excellent and committed coach. She cares about the well-being of the girls who participate.”

-Mai Mai Ginsburg LCSW